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IPIC 2011 Awards

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International Paleontology Illustration Competition (IPIC 2011) & Exhibit
The first edition of IPIC'2011 exhibits open to the public on 23th October and ended a few days later, on 28th.
It was a brief, but much praised exhibit.
In fact, it was one of the climax events that happens in the XXII Brazilian Congress of Palaeontology (held in Praiamar Natal Hotel & Convention) and was consider a huge success for all the hundreds of Congress attendees, as also by the public in general.

We (IPIC organizatin) were greatly honored to receive all the pieces submitted to IPIC and every one of these artworks are superb examples of contemporary paleoillustrations. Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful art with us.

A short statistics - 32 artists from 14 countries (Argentina/5, Brazil/4, Canada/1, China/1, Croatia/1, Czeck Republic/1, Finland/1, Italy/4, Portugal/1, Russia/1, Spain/2, UK/2, Ukraine/1, USA/5) entered a total of 78 beautiful artworks.

Due to the high quality of almost all artworks submitted to IPIC'2011, it was a truly hard task - for all the 5 jurors - to decide and choose the IPIC'2011 winners.

The IPIC'2011 Jurors were:
Fernando Correia (biologist and scientific illustrator; Scientific Illustration Program Coordinator and Scientific Illustration Laboratory Director of the University of Aveiro Aveiro, Portugal)
Narendra Kumar Srivastava (President of the XXII Brazilian Congress of Palaeontology; Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte; Natal, Brazil)
Roberto Iannuzzi (President of the Brazilian Society of Palaeontology; Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul; Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Ildeu de Castro Moreira (Brazilian Ministry of Science & Technology; Brazil)
Maria de Fátima Brito (Science House; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Following Jury decision, I am delighted to announce the IPIC'2011 Awards Winners - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

IPIC'2011 Awards

Jury Awards
1st place ANDREY AUTCHIN/Russia (Demandasaurus)
2nd place FRANCO TEMPESTA/Italy (Velociraptor attack)
3rd place RODOLFO NOGUEIRA/Brazil (Psaronius)
Honourable Mentions
LOANA ROBOLI /Italy Jade and Silk Forest (Merit Certification Diploma)
Nopachthus coagmentatus (Merit Certification Diploma)
Microraptor gui (Merit Certification Diploma)

Public Voting Special Award
RODOLFO NOGUEIRA/Brazil Uberabatitan riberoi.

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  1. Congratulations! Fantastic piece. You hit the palettes - [sizzle].

    and - that alternative spelling might be a chance to brand your name. Like - Autsch!!(in) Art so good it hurts :-)

  2. That's fantastic Andrey! A beautiful piece well worth the prize!