среда, 22 июня 2011 г.

III International Contest of Scientific Illustration of Dinosaurs. Verdict.

I participated with two images:

Damandasaurus darwini

Baryonyx walkeri

Ganadores III Concurso Internacional de Ilustraciones Científicas de Dinosaurios 2011

The jury´s veredict is:

1º Prize:
“Demandasaurus Darwin”
Andrey Atuchin (RUSIA)

2º Prize
“Balaur bondoc”
Sergey Krasovskiy (UCRANIA)

3º Prize:
“Concavenator corcovatus”
Sergey Krasovskiy (UCRANIA)

Most of all participants I like the artworks of Davide Bonadonna. His artworks are great! It is unfortunate that he did not become one of the three winners.

среда, 1 июня 2011 г.


This is the final illustration which I started to paint a long time ago. This is required for the new issue of PaleoMir. So I think there can be some errors due to haste and lack of much work to reconstruction this bird and its environment. I really do not like finishing the work started long ago and abandoned, but sometimes it needs to be done.