четверг, 11 августа 2011 г.

Large-nosed ceratops from Kaiparowits Formation. WIP

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  1. Looks so much like a bull - right down to that look in his (or her?) eye. Very cool.
    Didn't know you worked off of 3D models. Good to know!

  2. Thanks! I work with 3D models mainly to see the object in the 3d vision and from different angles. Most of the available information about the bones - some of the views and it is difficult to imagine how it would look like in reality. I put a light on it to see how the shadows draw it. It's much faster, easier and more accurate than the model it with clay or plasticine as do many artists. 3d model I'm using as a basis and reference for further drawing. So my method is 20-30% 3d, and the rest of the 2d painting.

  3. Excellent image! The dinosaur is the unpublished "Nasutuceratops" or another new ceratopsian?